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Every dollar raised at Walk for Warmth goes directly to Lexington Rescue Mission's Homeless Intervention Program (HIP).

This program provides homeless individuals and families with housing counseling and pays half of their first month's rent to help them get into housing. After moving in, recipients receive follow-up home visits from our staff to help ensure they are able to afford and keep their home. 

​Brody sought out the Homeless Intervention Program after being referred by a local shelter. Brody was homeless, but he was working a full-time permanent job. Brody's sole goal was to secure housing so that he could make sure that his two younger brothers did not have to live on the street. Through case management services and Brody's persistent search, he was able to secure private housing that would sustain him and his brothers. Brody overcame personal and financial barriers that, with the support of the LRM, were overcome.

The Homeless Intervention Program

Saturday, February 17th, 2024

A few people you helped in 2023

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We will start and end the walk at Calvary Baptist Church, 150 E High Street, in their Fellowship Hall. We will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 17th and we will end with a celebratory lunch! When you do walk, please share on social media using #WalkforWarmth to get more people involved!

The 2024 walk is so critical. We are receiving 8-12 requests PER DAY for housing assistance, and right now, we can only help about six people per week. Your participation and fundraising efforts will help ensure that when people who are homeless come to the Mission for help, we are able to help them find and move into affordable housing.

Registration is available online. The registration fee is $30 per person, and all walkers will receive a t-shirt and lunch! We urge you to get people to sponsor you for this important walk and the top fundraisers will receive a prize. Download our pledge collection form here! Please turn in all your funds raised to end homelessness by February 14th to receive prizes. Prizes will be announced on February 17th during the lunch. 

Jerry and Patricia

​​​Homeless for several months before coming to the Outreach Center, Patricia was limited in her options due to a stroke she had earlier in the year.  Jerry was her primary caregiver. Due to a limited income and scarce income-based options, they were assisted in creating a budget, accessing resources, and locating private housing within their income means. They were then transitioned with furniture assistance and a Welcome Home basket, providing basic home cleaning supplies and goods.


​Teresa was homeless for over a year before reaching out to the Mission for assistance through the Homeless Intervention Program. In and out of shelters, she ended up on the streets. Teresa was starting to suffer from health issues that were being exacerbated by street life. Through a collaborative approach with a local apartment complex, she was able to obtain income-based housing.