Online Fudraising

Click here to access Razoo online fundraising through the Lexington Rescue Mission.

Choose a fundraiser name and type it in. For example "Team Sneaker for the Walk for Warmth" or "Ted's Walk for Warmth Page".  Follow the steps to create your account or sign-in with Razoo. Create and personalize your page to explain to your donors why they should give through you and sponsor you on your walk. Share your page on social media and ask your friends to support.



Good Old Fashioned Paper

Download our pledge collection form here and start raising money to keep people in their homes. To be eligible for prizes, turn in your collections by February 16th.

Please send your collections to the Lexington Rescue Mission at P.O. Box 1050 Lexington, KY 40588 or drop them off at 444 Glen Arvin Ave.




Help Prevent homelessness in our community!