Help Prevent homelessness in our community! 

Walk for Warmth details

Homeless Prevention Program

Dora is a recent victim of domestic violence and moved to Kentucky to escape her situation. After obtaining a home in an income-based apartment, she only needed help with the deposit on her electricity. Through the Homeless Prevention Program Dora received help and was able to stay in her new home.​


The Lexington Rescue Mission provides this program to help those who may need a little help staying on their feet. Those who qualify should have a steady income coming in but may have had a set back making rent or utilities more difficult to put together this month. This prevents people from falling behind and starting a downward spiral into homelessness.


Bobby recently moved into an apartment after struggling with homelessness. He was able to pay his rent and utility bills but because of an old unpaid bill, he was not able to have his electric turned on. After living in his new home without electric for a month, he was able to receive help to pay off the old bill and begin regular, steady payments.


The Stories

After 19 years with the same company David was laid off. He lost his home and was living with friends and family members. After spending years getting back on his feet, he finally had a job, a home and only needed help with paying the deposit on his electricity to keep him moving upward.




  • February 18th at 9:30 am
  • Phoenix Park
  • ​Registration: $25
  • Free for kids 10 and under
  • Deadline for early registration February 13th  ​
  • ​9-9:30 am Late Registration at the event