Help end homelessness in our community! 

When the pandemic first began, Walter decided to live on the streets rather than be on lock-down at a shelter. That choice soon took a toll on this veteran. Thanks to your support, we were able to find a home for Walter. He told us the first thing he was going to do was take an hour-long shower.


Mary had lived on and off the streets for many years. Her health was failing and she really needed some stability. Because of your generosity, we were able to find Mary a home of her own. She says she finally feels safe and is able to manage her health better.

A few of the people you helped in 2020...

Homeless Intervention Program

Thanks to your generosity, Sheryl has a home of her own,  and a Welcome Home basket full of supplies such as paper towels, dishwashing liquid, towels and even a shower curtain. These supplies provided what she needed to make her house a home. As you can see from the picture, Sheryl was grinning ear to ear on move-in day!


Every dollar raised at the Walk for Warmth goes directly to
the Lexington Rescue Mission's Homeless Intervention Program.

This program provides  homeless individuals and families housing counseling and pays their first month's rent to help them get into a new apartment.  After moving in, recipients receive follow-up home visits from our staff to help ensure they are able to afford and keep their home.